Key Facility Features

  1. Batting Cages
    Our Cages Feature:
    6 multi use cages, that can be used for Baseball or Softball
    5 Automatic Iron Mike Baseball Pitching Machines with speeds that can be adjusted for any level of batter (35 MPH to 80 MPH from 45 ft)
    3 Jugs Softball Pitching Machines (manual feed) that can be used for Slow Pitch or Fast Pitch with speeds up to 70 MPH
    "L" Screens with buckets of Baseballs or Softballs for live pitching or front toss
    You can bring your own equipment or use our bats and helmets
  2. Pitching Mounds
    2 MLB Specification Clay mounds for Baseball, home plate can be adjusted for various ages or distances, you can wear your cleats too
    2 Softball Pitching mats with built in pitching rubber, home plate can be adjusted for various ages or distances
  3. Tee Stations
    Tee area for using our in house Tanner Tees and supplied Baseballs, Softballs, or heavy balls
  4. Lessons
    Lessons with one of our coaches will help you learn and grow as a player
  5. Glove Services
    We can customize your glove, with custom color lace
    We can repair your glove
    Whole glove relacing
    Conditioning and break-in
    Expedited Service available
  6. Store
    We are an authorized Reseller for the following brands:
    Oakley Sunglasses
    Lizard Skins DSP Bat Wraps
    Lizard Skins Batting Gloves
    Tanner Tees
    Powernet Nets
    Varo Bat Weights
    Tuff Toe Tuff Sleeve
    Wilson Gloves
    DeMarini Bats